Crystal Chittick
Online Business & Mindset Coach

How valuable is creating the results you want in your life?

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Save yourself the burnout from coming up with content ideas, while creating an impactful content strategy & getting your content in front of more eyeballs.

Say goodbye to content burnouts & overwhelm

As an ambitious coach or business owner who wants to build your content in an intentional and impactful way... You may feel a bit lost because you haven't started yet or want to change things up and just need some guidance.

You want to make sure your content represents your brand, showcases a relatable personality, be visible to the right audience and have a lasting impact.

When creating impactful content, you understand that you have to put your audience first, but remember to represent yourself and your business. These two should be in alignment.

Now, it's important to build out your business intentionally.But it also needs to be done sanely; so no more burn outs.

Hey there business owners and coaches,

I'm Crystal

I was born and raised on the beautiful island Sint Maarten. Growing up I never thought it would be possible to become an entrepreneur. But after I lived and studied International Business Management and Digital Marketing in The Netherlands for 9 years...I found my purpose.Being an entrepreneur, I know all too well about the struggles of getting your content off the ground, communicating the right message to your (desired) audience, establishing boundaries, not doing it all on your own and getting your mindset right.

My main purpose? To align you with your business goals.Together, we will take the guesswork out of content repurposing with a defined system, strategy and distribution made for decreasing overwhelm and burnouts.

  • Repurposing with a defined strategy

  • Setting up your content for success

  • Systems for ideas and creating content made for minimizing overwhelm & increasing success



30-minute 1:1 Content Strategy Session

Feeling a bit lost in the content world? Not sure what steps you should take to prime your business for success? This 1:1 session is for you!

Starting your business with ready-to-hire clients would be great.Unfortunately, that's not how it works, especially in 2022.The key to reaching your desired audience, gaining their trust, and becoming a client is producing branded content that is aligned with their struggles and needs.

  • Get guidance on the types of content you should create

  • Where to distribute your content

  • How to create content

  • Who you should create content for


Established business owners & coaches

90-Minute "Shape Your Content" 1:1 Intensive

Let's create a repeatable system and strategy just for you.
What does this mean?

  • Teach you to create multiple pieces of content from 1 piece to lead back to your offer

  • Recreate 1 piece of content which shows how your new system will work

  • At the end you will get a PDF document of all the steps for producing your content, a video explanation to replicate it and a guide of bulk creating your new content


new business owners & coaches

60-Minute "Content Galore" 1:1 Intensive + 4 Week Program

The process of coming up with content ideas gives you a headache. The challenge of turning your ideas into content leaves you feeling burnt out.Get your hands on a system for coming up with 100+ ideas... plus a 4-week program of co-creating those ideas into content for 45 mins a week.

  • Never run out of ideas by using a successful repeatable system

  • Learn how to turn ideas into content & captions

  • Get tips for bulk creating content

  • Leave feeling confident to create content on your own


Business Owners & Coaches

Content Creation/ Repurposing + Calendar

With the Content Repurposing service, we work together for 3 months dedicated to your business to help you get the most of your current content.If you've been feeling overwhelmed recreating content and have no time to do so and you are yet to get more eyes on your channels, this is the perfect package for you!

As a business owner, coach and 9-5er with a side hustle, you are too busy focusing on the operations of your business and serving your clients. This gets rid of the overwhelm of wondering what to do for content and having content that get you leads.

  • Have your existing or future content repurposed to match your content channels

  • Saves you from feeling exhausted, energy on zero

  • No more feeling confused on how to turn 1 piece of content into endless content

  • Focus on your zone of genius while content is created FOR you

INVESTMENT $2500 or 3 payments of $833

Don't just take my word for it. Hear from my clients.

"..Our strategy sessions are so powerful!"
"I always feel energized and empowered after our sessions. It's a relief having a strategist that can somehow take my thoughts and turn them into actionable content."

Angelique, Financial Coach

"I feel at ease!"
"After our 1:1 session I feel at ease knowing I have a new strategy of how to approach and create content."

Fiona, Business Owner

"..Crystal helped me narrow down my options!"
"I’ve been wanting to start my own business in graphic design but I wasn’t certain of what direction to take. Crystal has helped me to narrow down my options and create a focus on a niche. She was also able to provide some resources and tools to help steer me in the right direction."

Gabrielle, Branding & Web Design

Want to work on one project or hire me for interim consultancy?

Didn't see exactly what you were looking for? Interested in booking a consultation to see how I can assist you or your business?

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Get rid of content anxiety, shift your mindset about how you approach selling their business, free up energy from all that overthinking and analyzing to pour into serving your current and future clients.

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